Putting your bottling in safe hands

Our bottling line is designed to offer maximum flexibility and utilises modern production methods to achieve the very best end product. The process involves storage, machine labelling and filling, followed by manual end-of-line packing. We are experienced in all aspects of bottling and can offer advice on the best way to maximise the quality of your product, including kegging.

We believe in quality and ease of production, with full QC support. Each part of our bottling process is carefully managed and we aim to turnaround production within 4 working days of receipt. We are capable of handling volumes ranging from 1,000 to 18,000 litres and can offer a facility for short-term storage should you need it.

We can receive beer in IBC, Arlington containers and Tankers* (November 2018).


On receipt of a customer's beer we pass it through a chilling system that takes the temperature down to -1°C. It is then held in stainless steel tanks and stored for 36 hours before being filtered and carbonated. The process involves the use of modern in-take technology which allows us to cut down process time and to create stable chilled beer with a 12 month shelf life.

Labelling and filling

We can bottle various sizes with two or three options of bottle per size – 275, 330 and 500ml (if you require others please ask). We are capable of offering full wrap bottle labels or front, back and neck combinations. Labels are machine applied and at full capacity, we can handle around 2,000 bottles per hour. We also understand the importance of good quality label design and printing; should you require help we can recommend a number of suppliers. Once labelled, the bottles are filled using in line carbonation to give a consistent, carbonated product and then capped.

Packing and delivery

We manually pack onto shrink wrapped trays which hold 8, 12, or 24 (330ml only) bottles, followed by palletisation. We can also pack into boxes and gift packs. If you want to split your volumes into bottles and one trip kegs, please contact us so that we can give you an accurate price.


Our kegging process follows the same storage and stabilisation process as bottling, before filling into pre-cleaned one trip kegs. Kegs can be filled either as a split run with bottling, or as a bespoke order. Please contact us for details.

Contract brewing

For customers without their own brewing facility, we can undertake the brewing process for them via our contract brewing service at the International award winning brewery Evan-Evans. This involves recipe trialling, small or large scale brewing, bottling or kegging, end packaging and delivery.
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